October 22, 2018

Accountability Program

2905410970_35fd115e3bSmall Business owners tend to give their employees a lot of freedom.  They hire people they trust and they do not want to put unnecessary restraints in place that might interfere with their ability to work.  That, however, does not mean they quit managing their employees and the work performed on the tools and equipment the owner provides.  It is often the case that minor controls, reminders and systems help encourage positive behavior by bringing to light negative behaviors quickly and clearly.

Onsite Logic has partnered with Awareness Technologies to install tools at a number of our clients.  One of these solutions is Interguard Web Filtering.  The program has three main advantages:

  1. It works whether the device (e.g. laptop/tablet) is on the company network, at home or in a hotel.
  2. It provides not only the ability to block, by category or keyword on a webpage, but it also records all visited webpages and searches and includes not only the URL address, but also an actual screenshot of pages visited.
  3. All of this information rolls up to a management website console so the business owner does not need to access the employee computer to review or print reports.

Few business owners want to “monitor” their employees’ web use and no one wants to be seen as “big brother.”  But, the knowledge that web usage is being recorded is often enough of a deterrent to keep work tools for work purposes.

Business owners should care about this because:

  1. Non-business related web usage is the #1 source of virus and malware.
  2. Inadvertent revelation of an accidentally stored webpage or graphic can give a negative impression to a client or lead to a lawsuit in the workplace.
  3. Web activity can be a sign of addiction problems and other issues that can drastically impact employee performance and well-being.
  4. The business owner may be responsible for any illegal or inappropriate activity done on company equipment or company accounts (e.g., an inappropriate post on a website from an employee account).

Interguard Web Filtering is priced per device and can be installed on one or all company computers.  It takes less than 15 minutes to install and runs invisibly in the background.  For more information and/or a demo, call or email Onsite Logic.


Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons: Chispita_666