November 14, 2018

You Need Dual Monitors

dual two monitor screen stocks programming coding web deskOver the past few years the price of computer monitors have continued to drop while their quality has risen. At the same time it has become standard on computer towers and laptop docking stations to include 2 video ports and operating system software has built in capacity to manage multiple monitors. Plugging in a second monitor is as easy as, well, plugging in a second monitor.

There are also a number of University studies that show a productivity increase between 29% and 74% from multiple monitor use. Granted, these studies were funded by monitor and computer manufacturers. However, you will be hard pressed to find anyone using multiple monitors who would switch back to a single monitor.

The key to the productivity boost is in the applications that you commonly use. If there is a main program you use, such as a business dashboard or accounting program (Quickbooks) or key website (stock prices) that you use throughout the day, dedicating a monitor to the application significantly reduces the time and effort of maximizing and minimizing windows.

What program that you use throughout your day would it make sense to dedicate a monitor to? If you need assistance, please call Onsite Logic.

Windows 10: Yes (but not yet)

Win10Since its release a few weeks ago, 75 million people worldwide have downloaded the free upgrade to Windows 10. If all you do on your computer is surf the web and use Microsoft Office, then you should jump on the bandwagon and upgrade to Windows 10. However, if you use other software, especially business software, our recommendation is to wait.

Overall, we are fans of Windows 10. There are some improvements in look and feel, mostly in the way Microsoft combined the best of Win 7 and 8. Most of the elements we really like, however, are behind the scenes. These include file encryption, better file management, better search and indexing and better system recovery. Through compression the operating system also takes less room and resources.

Microsoft’s system requirements for Windows 10 are the same as Win 7 and 8 so if your machine was compatible before it still is. However, that doesn’t mean other software and hardware manufacturers have jumped on board. For example, the system requirements for Quickbooks 2015 Pro do not officially include Windows 10. Many other business software programs, especially those running on top of databases, do not yet officially support Windows 10. That doesn’t mean they won’t necessarily work, but if there are issues you won’t be able to rely on the software provider for help.

Microsoft has provided a crowd-sourced compatibility center where individuals can indicate their experience with compatibility issues for both hardware and software, but pay attention to the number of votes cast. For example, one video card was listed as compatible because 133 out of 296 voted yes (but the other 163 voted no).