November 14, 2018

Royal Blue in the Cloud

Flickr Creative Commons: Charlie

Flickr Creative Commons: Charlie

Since the entire city of Kansas City is decked out today in Royal Blue to celebrate our World Series Champion Royals, and since, according to Wikipedia, Royal blue describes both a bright shade and a dark shade of azure blue, this seemed like the perfect day for a Tech Talk Tuesday on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft has created two over-arching brand names for their cloud services. Office 365 is the brand that contains all of the cloud based applications such as Word, Excel, Dynamics, Exchange, etc. Azure is the brand name for cloud based infrastructure such as domain servers, application servers, storage, routing, firewalls, etc.

Most of Onsite Logic’s client have servers, however, almost none of our clients started their businesses because they really wanted their own server closet. Just as web hosting and Exchange hosting have taken away the need to own your own web server or Exchange (email) server, Microsoft Azure seeks to do that for the rest of your infrastructure.

The concept is simple. You lease a virtual office network space in the cloud. You connect to a virtual computer in that virtual office which, in turn, is connected to virtual servers, storage, switches, routers, and firewalls. The servers and everything else work just like the servers you might own today, except they are not physically in a little room in your office.

The benefits include everything from less capital expense and less equipment to maintain to the ability to work from any location as if you are sitting in the office from virtually any device (desktop or mobile).

Microsoft Azure is not (yet) the thing for every small business, but for others it makes a lot of sense to have on the radar screen. Next week’s Tech Talk Tuesday will discuss some key questions to help identify if this is something you should consider for your company.