November 14, 2018

Little Savings Add Up

Save Money button keyOne of our partners recently sent me an article discussing a 14 year old student’s research project that found businesses and other organizations could save as much 24%-30% in ink expenses by switching to the Garamond typeface, a thinner and ink-saving font.  Given that ink costs more per ounce than French perfume, that small change equated to an annual savings of $21,000 for his school district and could equal $136 Million per year by the US Federal Government.

I think Garamond is a fine font, but I think the bigger message is that small savings add up.  For most small businesses, the single largest expense is labor and one of the main time wasters for employees is technology that is not running at peek efficiency.  The amount of time employees spend messing with and working around inefficient systems is significant and it is also frustrating for the employees.

We have found that Onsite Logic clients who have a regularly scheduled onsite service call, e.g., the afternoon of the third Wednesday of each month, have far fewer computer issues and much happier and productive employees.  With a set time, employees can screen shot or post-it note the little issues that come up between scheduled service calls and put them in a centralized place for the technician (example: one client tapes them to the inside of the server closet door).  At the appointed time, the technician will convert those items into tickets, prioritize them with you or your manager, and very efficiently work through the issues.  Many times these are small issues that would not justify a specific service call, but when combined with others and regular maintenance they can all quickly be resolved.

Instead of focusing on how much it would cost to have a regularly scheduled technician visit, the bigger question is how much would it save in lost productivity, emergency issues and employee morale.  There are no long-term contracts required and discounts for prepaid block-time are available.  Why not try it for two or three months and see if you can see the difference?