November 14, 2018

Taking a Stand at Work

Many of our clients, and members of our own team, spend a lot of time in front of their computer. Katie, the voice of Onsite Logic when you call in, was feeling the strain of the hours she would spend helping coordinate our team of technicians, work with invoices, answer client calls, etc. Even good posture and an ergonomic chair did not overcome the fact that sitting for a long time can be painful.

To help her we purchased a VariDesk. This is a valuable device that sits on the desktop. With spring assisted action, you can raise the height of the monitors, keyboard and mouse so it is perfect for different heights.

It came fully assembled. Place it on the desk and the monitors and keyboard on it and you are all set. We can help order these for you, or they are available through or on Amazon. If you have questions, feel free to call Katie or anyone at Onsite Logic.