October 22, 2018

A better way to handle expense reports

More BillsHaving an increasingly mobile workforce can provide a lot of blessings both in terms of increased productivity and better quality of life compared to sitting at a desk.  However, it can also pose problems with things that were simple when everyone came in to the office regularly.  One of those items is how to handle receipts.

This was a problem Onsite Logic faced with our own team.  To provide timely solutions, Onsite Logic technicians may need to quickly purchase items such as replacement fans or hard-drives or even new computers.  But, since our technicians spend their day from client to client, we were facing issues with delayed and missing receipts.

After researching various solutions the approach we adopted was to use Evernote.  Subscribing to a business level account for $10 enables that account to set up folders and share those folders out.  Now, when our technician purchases something, they immediately take a picture of the receipt with their smart phone, attach any notes and drop it into their Evernote folder.  Our office staff has access to all of these shared folders and they can input the information onto the appropriate ticket and invoice.  Most suppliers will accept a photocopy of the receipt for returns, so even that is not an issue.

If you would like help implementing this, or identifying other projects that help you get better value from information technology and add to your bottom line, please contact the IT consulting team at Onsite Logic.