Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses
Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses

Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses

Spam Mail vs Email Marketing Tools and Strategies

Email is a great marketing tool, especially for small business, but only if done correctly.  It is readily available.  It is easy to use.  It is easy to customize and personalize.  And, very importantly, it is inexpensive. But, email marketing is not sending spam mail messages to anyone you can.  Spam mail is focused on getting things out.  Email marketing is focused on bringing customers in.

Like any other marketing, email marketing starts with clearly defined goals and objectives. What do you want to accomplish by this campaign?  Who is the primary target audience?  Why do they care? What is the call to action?  How will we track this?

If your answer to those questions is along the lines of “we just want to get our message out-there to everyone because we are great and they need to know it”, you are sending spam mail and spam messages.  

The key to rising out of this mindset is found in the word spam itself.

S: Specific – The message must go to a Specific target audience – more is not always better

P: Permission – They must have given you Permission to send this

A: Actionable – There must be a call-to-Action, something for them to click or do

M: Meaningful – This solves a problem that they want to solve, not one that you want them to solve

Landing Page

There is an adage to “start with the end in mind”.  In the same way, the place to start building your email marketing campaign, once you have your goals and objectives completely ironed out, is with your landing page.  It also enforces they fact that you are not sending spam mail or spam messages, you are not blasting out spam mail, but, instead, you are providing something the recipient wants and they express their interest by clicking your link.

A landing page is simply a page, normally on your website, that represents the destination of your call-to-action.  From your email you want to encourage the recipient to click a link that lands on this page.  You can provide more information, provide a form to collect information from them, provide a coupon, or take them from here to the item you have for sale.   A landing page adds value and delivers on the promise this is not spam mail.

The landing page is your tool, not only to continue to engage your customer or prospect, but also to amazing metrics.  You can see who clicked your email call-to-action link, when, how often, from where, using what browser, and where they went from there.  

Email Marketing Services

To not be a spam mail sender and to be legal you need to use a mail delivery service.  The good news is there are a lot of them and most are very reasonably priced.  Some of the big names include MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber.  Others, such as Infusionsoft, allow you to program using drag and drop icons, not only one email, but a series of emails including logic that changes the flow based on things such as a recipient clicking your call-to-action and/or making a purchase.

Each of these services also run spam message checker algorithms on your email to provide you with the likelihood it will trigger the spam mail and spam message blockers. This gives you the ability to make changes so your message ends up in the right place to the right people to drive the right responses.  Keep in mind, the goal is never to “get it out”, the goal is always to “get them in”.

Finally, remember, the best way to not be a spam mail or spam message sender is to follow the rule of S.P.A.M: Specific, Permission, Actionable, Meaningful.