Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses

It shouldn’t be this difficult to make a plan and just have things work!

At some point, the tools used yesterday in your business will not be the best for today or tomorrow.

There are so many options and tools available and also so many threats and risks. You did not get into business because you wanted to learn “geek-speak” and the terminology just keeps getting worse with cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Having different people using different programs and tools is not the answer, that just leads to a mess and security risks. Sticking with what you have used in the past is not the road to winning, it just leaves your business stuck in the past. Having everyone on the same tools means making choices and having a plan, but making the wrong choices can be costly, painful and frustrating.

Are you ready to confidently and boldly win at business?

We help hundreds of small businesses every month with support and security for the tools used today and plans for direction in the future. They have happy and satisfied employees who use the best tools to have happy and satisfied customers and they are exceeding their goals without stress or frustration.

The Plan

1. Meeting

We sit down together and discuss your business: Where you are going? What does winning look like? What tools are you using now? What tools work wonderfully and which don’t? If something goes wrong, do you have a plan?

2. Network and Security Assessment

A State-of-the-Art automated assessment to provide a detailed survey of the health and security of the current tools. The results include a checklist of recommended steps for improvement.

3. Deploy technology agents to secure and monitor the health of the tools

Licensed agents that cost less than $12 per month per desktop/laptop to provide 24/7 security, prevention and early detection. The goal is to keep things healthy and secure and deal with issues when they are little and easy instead of when they become big and expensive.

4. Strategic IT Plan

You will receive a customized, personalized notebook on the tools you currently use and an outline of a plan for the future. We then continue to work with you to develop, update and refine the plan to keep your team using the best tools.

5. Support

The goal is to not only own the best tools, but for you and your team to confidently use them. This means supporting and helping your team as well as keeping the systems running efficiently, securely and consistently.