No business owner is an expert in every aspect of cybersecurity, and traditional managed IT services only account for a fraction of cybersecurity factors. This means hacks are more likely to happen and insurance often doesn’t cover damage.

At Onsite Logic, we help hundreds of Kansas City businesses stay comprehensively secure with IT services designed to mitigate every risk.

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Here's the Truth: The Game Is Rigged Against You.

Cyberattacks are at an all-time high. Hackers are targeting small businesses.

As a result, more companies than ever recognize that cyber insurance is necessary, but few recognize what’s required to qualify for coverage.

The unfortunate truth is that insurance providers need to mitigate their own risks, so they’re incentivized to make claiming coverage complicated. You need to meet more than 100 qualifications to be covered. Traditional managed IT services aren’t equipped to make this happen.

To keep your business safe, you need more than standard IT processes. You need a cybersecurity partner.

Here's How We Help

We deliver IT services designed to account for every cybersecurity risk your business faces – so you can get peace of mind and get back to your business. We deliver:

The most detailed cybersecurity assessment of any IT provider in Kansas City.

Instead of marketing fluff or a templated service outline, you'll get a line-by-line breakdown of every security risk you face.

Programs based on standards from the world’s most secure organizations.

Our framework is developed and used by top-security agencies like the Department of Homeland Security.

Flexible pricing based on all your needs, not just the number of seats.

Most IT service providers quote you based on the number of seats. We quote you based on what you’ll actually need.

IT Services We Provide

Once we’ve analyzed your business technology systems, we’ll offer a proposal customized to the needs we’ve uncovered. Services we offer include:

How to Get Started

Ready to reduce your risk? Here’s how you can.

1. Start with a Cybersecurity Assessment

We'll review all of your cyber risks line by line and reveal what's not covered.

2. Receive a tailored IT Security Plan

We'll craft a plan that's built to strategically mitigate your risks and cover all your bases.

3. Stay protected with hands-on, on-site support

Get the support you need from a team that knows your systems by heart.

Peace-of-Mind Guarantee

Our program is proven to protect against over 95% of cyber attacks.

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