About Onsite Logic

Helping Kansas City Businesses Work Smarter, Faster, and More Securely

Comprehensive I.T. Service for Kansas City

Hundreds of Kansas City small businesses, churches, and non-profits use Onsite Logic because they are looking to replace their existing high-cost provider, don’t want the hassle of managing their own I.T., or find it cost prohibitive or inefficient to hire an internal I.T. team. With our flex-pricing, we make it easy to predict I.T. costs while also helping your team only pay for what you need with our honest, fair, and reliable service.

Our team of professional I.T. experts provides service to support all aspects of your I.T. infrastructure to help you save cost and increase efficiency. We want to take all of the pressure off of your team so that you can refocus on winning at business.

Trusted by Hundreds of Kansas City Businesses

The Onsite Logic Guarantee

Pay for What You Need

Instead of paying for a ton of service that you never receive, we help level your cash flow while simultaneously allowing you to only pay for real service with our flex-pricing.

De-Nerd-ed I.T.

Our team will work with you to make sure that you actually understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.

100% Satsifaction

We only win if your business wins. We will do everything in our power to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Onsite Logic Ownership

Tim New | Managing Partner

Tim New founded Onsite Logic in 2004 to solve a very big, small business problem. Small business leaders rely on I.T. to run their business, but I.T. can be unreliable, slow and I.T. providers seem to make things more confusing, frustrating and overcharge and under-deliver. Business leaders deserve systems that work, they deserve to understand what they are paying for and to receive outstanding, responsive service from their I.T. provider. Onsite Logic is on a continuous quest to solve these real problems.

After successful careers in executive leadership at Dun & Bradstreet and Sprint, managing teams and call centers nationwide, Tim and his wife, Jean, started Onsite Logic with a vision to help Kansas City businesses grow by solving their need to dependable I.T. systems. Hundreds of Kansas City businesses trust Onsite Logic because of the values that Tim instills in the team.

Our Core Focus

Our Purpose: To Serve

Onsite Logic is a service company which works in the area of Strategic I.T. services. As a result, our approach and focus are very different from the normal computer company started by computer geeks. While our clients use I.T. resources every day in the performance of their businesses, they normally did not start the business because they had a burning desire to own a server closet!

Our Cause: To Help Businesses Grow & Succeed

For Onsite Logic’s clients, these are tools, not toys.

Our Passion: To Innovate

Innovation is the heartbeat of Onsite Logic’s approach to I.T. services. In some situations, we focus on innovating to do things better. How can we use technology to improve quality or to improve speed or to reduce costs? In other situations, we focus on innovating to do new wise things. What new services can be delivered or new markets entered or better communication enabled?

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