Why Onsite Logic?

Helping Kansas City Businesses Work Smarter, Faster, and More Securely

What Sets Us Apart

Save Money

Flex pricing means you have a consistent monthly charge, but you only pay for what you need. Instead of the "use it or lose it" that others charge, your hours are banked for future needs.

Save Time

You take care of business and winning more business, Onsite Logic will take care that your I.T. systems work with speed and dependability.

Increase Productivity

 I.T. security threats create systems that are undependable and cripple your team's productivity. Onsite Logic manages the defenses so you can boldly get more done.

Who We Are

Reliable, dependable, stable, fast, and confident are not words most small businesses use to describe I.T. Other I.T. providers seem to try to make things more confusing and difficult, but Onsite Logic’s team of industry leaders, shine a Strategic light on I.T. so you get the best value on the best tools to run your business.

Our Leadership

Tim New founded Onsite Logic in 2004 to solve a very big, small business problem. Small business leaders rely on I.T. to run their business, but I.T. can be unreliable, slow and I.T. providers seem to make things more confusing, frustrating and overcharge and under-deliver. Business leaders deserve systems that work, they deserve to understand what they are paying for and to receive outstanding, responsive service from their I.T. provider. Onsite Logic is on a continuous quest to solve these real problems.

What Our Clients Are Saying