Are you looking for a partner to protect you from cybercrime and implement a strategy for your IT?

Understanding the value and pricing compared to other traditional IT support companies (MSPs) is important when making this decision.

Onsite Logic's Pricing Strategy

Onsite Logic takes into account several key factors when pricing our services, including the elements that need to be secured, the level of compliance and reporting required, the number of locations and devices, and the structure of your network.

While our pricing may be slightly above average compared to traditional managed service providers (MSPs), the level of confidence that you’ll receive that your business is secure and in compliance is well worth it.

Traditional MSPs focus mainly on user and environment support (help-desk services) and often charge per device or per person per month.

Pricing from traditional MSPs is calculated in three ways: 

Basic (Monitoring and Support)

Pay anywhere from $50 – $150 per device per month
This includes:


Onsite Logic’s pricing falls in this range $150 – $300 per device per month
This includes:


Pay anywhere from $300 – $600 per device per month
This includes:

Navigating Traditional MSP Pricing: Key Considerations and Long-Term Value Assessment

It’s important to keep in mind that traditional MSP pricing can vary greatly, and what’s included in the pricing can differ from provider to provider. It’s always best to carefully review the services offered before making a decision. It is also important to consider the need for services over the term of the contract.

For example, the need for IT support continues to decline as software and hardware improves and with a more technology confident workforce, however, the need for and value of cybersecurity protection continues to grow as threats and compliance requirements increase.

When choosing an partner, it's not just about the price, but also about your business's long-term needs.

If your primary requirement is a help desk service, lower-priced traditional MSPs can be a suitable option as they provide a partial solution. However, if you prioritize the protection of your data and systems’ integrity, as well as a partner to assist you in securing and strategizing for the future, then Onsite Logic is the only viable choice.

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