Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses
Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses

Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses



About Onsite Logic - Strategic IT Services in Kansas City

Onsite Logic’s Strategic IT Services is built around a team approach. Our team becomes part of your team on an as-needed basis. It is the best of both worlds, having a dedicated, professional, strategic IT team that you only pay when you need their services.

We assign two of our Strategic IT Technicians to be your lead team. You get to know them, they get to know you. They are the people you would want to hire if you were trying to staff your own department. Your technicians work collaboratively and you have direct contact with them, as you would with anyone else on your internal team.

Our Program Managers work with your lead technicians as guides to help build the plan and communicate the story. While the technicians are focused on the here and now, the Program Manager maintains a big picture view and ties everything together.

Behind the scenes, we have a dispatch desk to help monitor urgent needs and ensure they are addressed promptly, and a parts and licensing desk to provide pricing on recommended items and to manage the procurement and delivery of any of these third party items or services.

We provide timely and relevant information on trends and news in IT and specific reports and information on your systems. We also coordinate with a team of independent providers for specialized services such as cabling, web development, security systems, audio/visual, network configuration, PCI compliance, marketing, database administration, research and analysis, etc.

Onsite Logic is not an IT vendor, we are a service company. Our goal is to help you confidently and boldly win at business.