Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses
Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses

Networking and IT Solutions for Kansas City Businesses


Our Unique, Strategic IT Solutions:

Team Approach

You’ll have a team of dedicated, excellent lead Strategic IT technicians, who know you, your network & your goals. Your team will:

  • Actively manage your network,
  • collaborate with you to achieve your goals,
  • keep your employees & customers happy,
  • document everything – you’ll have all documentation, including passwords, vendors & networking plans
  • conduct monthly tests to ensure your system is ready for the unexpected.

Proactive Planning with Actionable Monthly System Tests

Ensures your network operates consistently & dependably – even in an emergency.

  • Waiting until something breaks is crazy! Data storage, emergency plans, hard drive tests, security, and more, are thoroughly & actively tested & updated
  • Documented results – you’ll get a monthly update from your team of how your system performed, and documentation of any changes or updates.

Strategic Automation

Security updates & health monitoring for every part of your network

Strategic use of Cloud technology

Offers small businesses more computing power than ever, without large investments. Resulting in better, faster, lower-cost solutions – you pay for only what you need, when you need it.

Onsite Logic’s Strategic IT Solutions are unique.

We work with you to actively manage your network to achieve and exceed your goals now and in the future.

We bring Strategic IT Solutions to thousands of happy small business customers throughout the Kansas City metro area – doctors, lawyers, manufacturing, construction, consulting, retail, churches, and more.

Our customers do not want a “Break/Fix” vendor who tries to constantly put out fires or a “Managed IT Service” vendor whose sole focus is on maintaining old technology.

Our clients do not use IT because they “had a dream of one day owning a server closet.” They use IT because it makes their employees and their business better and more profitable. Onsite Logic’s Strategic IT Services is focused on those same goals. Our team joins your team to provide support, stability, and security while also introducing wise and economical ways to use technology to work faster, better and more profitably and to enable the ability to expand into new markets and opportunities.

The small business owners we work with want a “Strategic IT Partner”, who is on their side, communicating about new technologies and innovation. Technology is rapidly changing! “Back in the old days” can sometimes mean last year when it comes to how quickly small businesses are adapting to and incorporating new IT innovations into day-to-day operations; not because it is new and different but because it gives them an economic advantage in business