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As businesses in Kansas City grow more dependent on technology to operate, they face an increased risk of cyber intrusion, catastrophic data loss, and network downtime.

Working as a trusted cybersecurity partner to Kansas City businesses for nearly two decades has given Onsite Logic a deep understanding of those challenges, and how to protect organizations by deploying the right combination of cybersecurity people, process, and technology.

World-class cybersecurity talent, vigilant 24/7 protection, and a deep commitment to client success means your team can collaborate and work with confidence that you’re prepared for any threat.

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Do Small and Midsized Businesses Need to Worry About Cybersecurity?​

The short answer is a resounding, yes. The reason is that the nature of cybersecurity risk has shifted.

Cybercrime is no longer performed by malicious coders who are targeting a single business from a dark basement. Today, most cyberattacks are performed using automated tools and software that’s freely available on the dark web, which allow hackers to launch effective attacks at scale, with a single click.

This new, “spray and pray” approach to cybercrime means that small and midsized businesses, who once relied on their size and relative anonymity to avoid becoming a victim of cyberattack, are now the number one targets for cyber criminals, surpassing well-defended enterprises.

Roughly 42% of small and midsized businesses in Kansas City dealt with cybersecurity incident last year. According to experts those numbers will only continue to increase as businesses deepen their digital transformation and make flexible work arrangements permanent. That means cybersecurity should be a top priority for businesses of all sizes.

Why Should I Work With an External Cybersecurity Partner?​

The fact is that most small and midsized businesses in the Kansas City area aren’t equipped to deal with the complexity, effort, and cost that proper cybersecurity management requires. In the extremely competitive cybersecurity job market, average salaries easily surpass $100 thousand a year in total compensation — if you can even find the right people.

Working with a dedicated cybersecurity partner like Onsite Logic helps solve all the problems associated with managing cybersecurity internally. For a flat monthly fee, you get a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, which includes:

Regular Vulnerability Assessments

Network Security Monitoring

Threat Setection and Analysis

Enterprise-Grade Nalware Protection

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The fact is that most small and midsized businesses in the Kansas City area aren’t equipped to deal with the complexity, effort, and cost that proper cybersecurity management requires. In the extremely competitive cybersecurity job market, average salaries easily surpass $100 thousand a year in total compensation — if you can even find the right people.

Working with a dedicated cybersecurity partner like Onsite Logic helps solve all the problems associated with managing cybersecurity internally. For a flat monthly fee, you get a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, which includes:

Can Onsite Logic Meet the Specific Security Needs of Any Organization?​

No two businesses in Kansas City have the same security challenges. That’s why the Onsite Logic team starts each client engagement with a comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment. During this phase, we analyze your systems, existing defenses, and business processes in depth, which helps us accomplish a few important things:

  • Clarify and document your existing security posture
  • Identify technical vulnerabilities that might lead to network infiltration
  • Prioritize risks and help streamline security budgeting
  • Improve weak cybersecurity management policies
  • Achieve deeper insight into regulatory compliance requirements

Once we have a complete picture of your cybersecurity efforts to date, our team of analysts and engineers will begin designing a solution that’s customized to mitigate the specific cyber risk your organization is facing.

This approach is called “risk-based cybersecurity,” and it has its origins in Federal Government cybersecurity resources, like the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.

Do You Provide Cybersecurity Awareness Training?​

Securing your technology is one way to manage cybersecurity risk, but it’s not the only way. Research from Microsoft, IBM, and Stanford University shows that human error — far more than technical mishap — is the single greatest predictor of network intrusion and data theft.

The best cyber defense is an educated, vigilant workforce. To achieve that requires regular, high-quality cybersecurity awareness training, which is why Onsite Logic makes that training a part of all our solutions.

Gone are the tedious onsite security courses of the past; that approach yields poor knowledge retention, interrupts your team’s workday, and does a bad job of preparing employees to respond to real world threats.

Cybersecurity awareness training solutions from Onsite Logic deliver regular, convenient education to your team over the Internet. Touching on the most pressing security issues of the day, like phishing, ransomware, digital hygiene, and mobile security best practices, this method guarantees cybersecurity is always top of mind.

What is a Cybersecurity Framework and How Do You Use Them?

A cybersecurity framework is a set of guidelines and best practices that cybersecurity professionals can use to guide their work, improve consistency, and produce better security outcomes. The Onsite Logic team works the leading cybersecurity frameworks, including:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework​

Originally developed by the United States’ Federal Government to secure critical infrastructure, NIST has become the top resources for both government agency and private sector entities who seek to perform thorough cybersecurity assessments and manage risk

Sysadmin, Audit, Network, and Security (SANS)

Design with a slightly narrower focus than the NIST framework, the SANS/CIS model is like NIST except that it goes into greater detail as to how a security team should contain, eradicate, and recover from threats by breaking those three things out into their distinct stages. ​

Onsite Logic helps Kansas City businesses navigate both the NIST and SANS frameworks, select which controls are most appropriate for their organization, and integrate them into their own defenses, aligning them with national standards for security.


What Exactly is Network Security Monitoring and Why Do I Need It?

Most businesses in Kansas City think that when they turn the lights off at the end of the workday, the risk of cyberattack ends as well. In fact, the opposite is true. Research shows that the majority of cybercrime happens outside normal business hours when employees have their guard down and your network is unsupervised.

That’s why Onsite Logic’s protections don’t stop when your staff go home. All our clients receive 24-hour network security monitoring to ensure that you their technology and data is safe from intruders during the business day and while everyone is home sleeping.

Here’s what network security monitoring from a team of experts includes:

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

These systems monitor network traffic for abnormalities by matching traffic patterns to any known attack methods then alerts security professionals when one is located. A comprehensive and adaptable IDS from OnSite Logic saves businesses time and money by helping spot attacks early before they become a serious threat.

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)

Larger organizations rely on SIEM systems to help collect and manage security data from across their network environment. By unifying logs security information into a single location, SIEM systems provide professionals a clearer big-picture overview of your security, perform thorough reporting, and support threat response processes.

What is Backup and Disaster Recovery and Why Do I Need It?

While a vigilant cybersecurity posture and regular cybersecurity awareness training can help minimize the threat of cyberattack, your business should still be ready to safeguard valuable assets if a human error or a determined attacker does compromise those defenses.

A backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution from the Onsite Logic team is designed to do just that.

Combining lead-edge cloud backup technology with our cybersecurity and network expertise allows us to build highly reliable IT services and  solutions that keep production data safe from ransomware attack, hardware failure, catastrophic network downtime, and more.

Far more than just a onetime engagement, BDR solutions from Onsite Logic will guide you through each step of the deployment, configuration, and maintenance process, ensuring that data on mobile devices, laptops, PCs, and servers is all protected as your business and technology evolve.

Will Cybersecurity Protections Help With Regulatory Compliance?​

In addition to helping businesses improve their overall security, our team has also helped countless companies in Kansas City achieve compliance with all the major regulatory compliance standards, such as HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR/CCPA, FINRA, SOX, PCI-DSS, and many more.  

Drawing on our deep expertise with network technology, leading frameworks, and the latest cybersecurity best practices, our team will help analyze your compliance requirements and configure your technology so that personally identifiable information (PII) and other valuable data is secured both at rest and in transit through your systems.

Once you’ve achieved compliance, the Onsite Logic team will help you stay compliant over the long term, acting as a trusted compliance partner who can run audits, vulnerability assessments, and proactively keep you aware of any security or compliance updates that could affect your business.

Can You Help Protect my Business From Ransomware?

Ransomware is a new form of malware that’s already done hundreds of billions of dollars in damage worldwide. Unlike other viruses, trojans, and worms, ransomware doesn’t corrupt or delete your data, merely locks it away until you a fee for it back.

There is no one single bullet to keep your business safe from ransomware. Instead, protecting your business will take an intelligent combination of security strategies, which includes:

  • Cybersecurity awareness training
    Phishing attacks are the leading cause of ransomware infection. When an employee clicks on a fraudulent email or gives away sensitive network information to a scammer on the phone, they expose your business to infection and catastrophic damage. Cybersecurity awareness training is the single best way to stop phishing attacks from
  • Patch and update systems
    Hardware or software systems that haven’t been updated are a huge back door that hackers can easily use to implant ransomware or other malware onto your systems. A study by penetration company RiskSense found that of the 57 vulnerabilities commonly targeted by ransomware, 31.5% were from 2015 or earlier, which is why proactive patching should be part of any security program.
  • Strengthen your backup systems
    With the number of cyberattacks in Kansas City and the rest of the country continuing to climb, the best way to guarantee peace of mind and business continuity is to ensure that critical data is getting backed up (and can be restored) efficiently, so that even if the worst happens you can restore operations without submitting to the whims of a criminal gang.

Can You Secure My Remote and Work From Home Employees?

As businesses move along their digital transformation process, employees are embracing the freedom to work remotely and perform business-related tasks on personal mobile devices. These initiatives, while highly popular with employees, greatly complicate a business’s cybersecurity posture.

As these arrangements become the “new normal” for many organizations, it’s important to take steps to secure those systems. Here are just a few of the ways that the Onsite Logic team will help you prevent remote work from undermining security.

Update and configure remote desktop protocol (RDP) solutions

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for sensitives systems

Analyze virtual private network (VPN) metrics

Develop identity and access (IAM) program

Don’t face cybersecurity alone, the Onsite Logic team has been providing 5-star cybersecurity service to Kansas City for decades.

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