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You’ve landed on this page because you’re concerned about your business’s cybersecurity. In honesty, you have good reason to be.

Cybercrime is up 600% in the wake of the pandemic, yet only 57% of companies conducted a data security risk assessment last year*. Until you know your risks, you can’t protect against them.

We can help you to identify and mitigate your cybersecurity risks. The first step is to analyze your technology infrastructure.


Here’s How the Analysis Works

1. Start With Our Virtual Assessment

It takes two minutes and it will lay the foundation for what our audit will cover. Get started here.

2. An Onsite Expert Will Follow Up With You.

We’ll schedule a call to discuss the details of your technology (including hardware, software, and network configurations).

3. You’ll Receive a Detailed Infrastructure and Security Analysis.

This isn’t a fluffy marketing piece. It’s an in-depth analysis of every technology risk your business has (including line-by-line accounting of your technologies and prioritized action items to keep your business safe).

What Our Clients Are Saying

About Onsite Logic

We’re the top cybersecurity firm in Kansas City and the only managed IT service provider that delivers a detailed Infrastructure and Security Analysis before starting our engagements.

We’ve found that, too often, local businesses believe risks are being monitored by their IT provider – only to find out they aren’t as things go wrong. That’s why we provide Infrastructure and Security Analyses up front.

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